• Lightweight System- approx. 110 lbs
  • Easy clean-up with liquid soap and water
  • Will apply mini prill, standard prill, and large pellets
  • One person operation
  • Vortex TRE can be used in nurseries for in-ground or container material
  • Vibration kit included to ensure even flow of material in humid conditions, cycles automatically as the valve opens and closes
  • Up to 15 lbs. per minute granular application rate. Rate varies per material
  • Extension tubes included for longer delivery pattern
  • Use Vortex TRE in a utility vehicle or pickup truck

Vortex TR Electronic

Precision timed dosing of granular material. The exact amount of material is delivered each time the valve is actuated.​​

The Vortex TRE™ is a proven granular application system in the nursery, landscape, pest control and maintenance industry. The timed electronic valve actuation makes it perfect for repeat application of product, e.g. nursery in ground material, container material and large number of plants in an expanded area. The valve is actuated via a push button switch and actuation can either be timed or manual using a 12 volt power source.

The granular blower is designed to cycle from hundreds to thousands of times per day. A vibration kit is standard and cycles with the valve as it opens and shuts off when the valve closes.

Key Features

  •  All Stainless Steel frame
  • 10 foot delivery hose
  • Up to 250 LB capacity polyethylene inductor hopper
  • Fully enclosed material storage to prevent material from becoming wet
  • Fully adjustable valve for varied rate of material delivery (stainless steel) installed direct in hopper pick up position.
  • Vortex TRE utilizes a 12 volt timed single shot timer rated at 1 sec - 1021 sec.
  • System opens and closes electronically from remote position.
  • Vortex TRE comes standard with push button electronic control
  • Independent controller system with dual protected circuits, timer and solenoids.
  • Patented delivery system- U.S. Patents #6,883,736, 7,080,961, 7,137,579, 7,337,992 

The unit is configured to perform with the most difficult-to-apply materials. The Vortex TRE™ is lightweight for use in utility vehicles and pickup trucks, has a large capacity hopper to eliminate going back for additional product, reducing down time.

All Vortex spreaders can be used year round for fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicides, insecticides, granular growth regulators, ice melt products and other granular materials. The TRE™ spreader will eliminate most hand application of granular products and deliver material evenly and efficiently into ornamental plant beds, containers, nursery material, waterways and apply ice melt onto sidewalks, driveways and staircases.

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