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Vortex About Us

We are Vortex Granular Systems, founded in 2002 to find a better way to apply granular fertilizer to ornamental beds. In the past, walking down busy roadways applying fertilizer by hand to ornamental beds using a bucket and cup was not only tedious, but not very effective as well.

Vortex Granular Systems was founded with the idea that there had to be a better way to fertilize ornamental beds and set out to create such a system. The founder of Vortex Granular Systems is a certified pest control operator in the state of Florida and spent 10 years selling fertilizer and chemicals for one of the largest horticulture suppliers in the US. It was that experience and seeing the need for changing how people applied fertilizer that the company was founded.

Hand crank spreaders have their limitations, particularly for large scale uses where it was inefficient and tiring to properly apply materials. The idea for a mechanical spreader was quickly adopted and many different designs were created along the way. It took many months from the initial idea until a proper prototype was created for testing purposes. At that point there were many modifications that were made and fully tested so that a proper product could be released to the public.

It took two full years of testing, but the end result was a product that truly works. The Vortex family of spreaders is the fulfillment of years of effort into designing the best mechanical granular spreader for your needs.

We have made thousands of changes and improvements to our Vortex family of granular spreaders. All of that is possible thanks to our loyal customers who have provided valuable suggestions which have helped to create the number of granular spreaders we offer. Plus, we take as a top priority watching the applications being made, repairing units, and visiting thousands of locations to better understand how our products are being used. The result is that we have created new models to better address the needs of our customers.

Since our company put its first mechanical granular spreader on the market, our products have helped apply hundreds of millions of pounds of material and saved hundreds of thousands of hours of labor as well. This is because our spreaders are far easier and less labor intensive and many times more efficient to use than hand application of granular material.

From ornamental applications, our products have helped open up the field to many other uses that include;

Lake and pond application
Ice melting
Pesticide and herbicide application
Roofing aggregate application
Granular application in the dairy market
In ground and container nursery application
Berry farm application

In addition, golf course bunker application and countless other areas where our products have been used to apply various materials. With four patents issued and offering a complete line of granular spreaders, Vortex Granular Systems is leading the granular application market thanks to our excellent product line and relentless attention to customer service.