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Air-Driven Granular Spreaders

We offer a complete line of patented granular application products. Vortex spreaders eliminate most hand application of granular product, utilizing positive airflow to propel granular material to the desired area. Applications include ornamental plant beds, containers, in-ground nursery material, waterways and ice-melt applications. Our TR, TR Aquatic, and SPX come standard with Electronic Valve On/Off control!

Vortex granular blowers are being used at the largest theme parks in the United States, by major maintenance, pest control, and fertilization companies, as well as municipalities, aquatic weed control districts, park services, in-ground nurseries, and individual owner-operator companies.

Vortex spreaders apply fertilizers, pre-emergent herbicides, ice melt products, granular growth regulators, aquatic herbicides and almost any granular or pelletized products used in an outdoor setting. All Vortex units are designed and constructed with stainless steel, aluminum or plastic to withstand the corrosive materials used in the fertilization, aquatic herbicide and snow, and ice removal markets.

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